Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Fuschia

Well, it's only been 10 months since I last blogged--terrible, I know! I guess I haven't been taking very many pictures. I've left that up to the people in the family that enjoy it so much.

I did take a picture yesterday of my Fuschia--I love it! I had always wanted to grow Fuschias because I just adore the hot pink color. Around these parts, the Fred Meyer stores have what they call "Fuschia Saturday." That's a day where you can go and buy little Fuschia and Geranium plants for cheap and then the store will plant them for free (in your containers). Actually the store will plant any plants you buy that day for free--and it doesn't matter what size of container/planter you have. I've seen people bring in huge cement planters!

Anyway, I've gone to Fuschia Saturday the last two years and done hanging baskets. It's so fun and inexpensive. The best part is, though, seeing the little teeny seedlings slowly grow and then start having these gorgeous flowers. This plant did a lot better this year than last. I hope it lasts a long time this summer.

(And hopefully I'll post a little more this summer, too!)