Friday, September 5, 2008

Calista's Cabbage

OK--so almost every 3rd grader in Utah and Idaho received a little cabbage plant and the end of school in May from Bonnie Plants. The kids are encouraged to plant their seedlings and then see what kind of a giant cabbage they can grow. They're supposed to take a picture with their cabbage and then send it in. A random person is picked from each state (?) to win a $1000 scholarship.

Calista took this challenge seriously and, after three different locations, her cabbage ended up in a corner of our garden. It did great!!! It must have been all the love she gave it. She named her cabbage Cory (after one of her best friends) and would spend time talking to it and loving it.

We finally decided it was time to pick it and weigh it. It came in at about 19 pounds. She took some cute pictures with it, and now we face eating 19 pounds of cabbage. Whew!!! So far we've had Chinese cabbage salad, egg rolls, Okonomiyaki (a Japanese food similar to egg foo yung), Yakisoba (Japanese stir fry with cabbage and noodles), and stuffed cabbage leaves. That might sound like a lot of dishes involving cabbage, but we still have over half of the thing left. Any other cabbage suggestions? Compost, maybe?

Perhaps next year we could get a pumpkin plant instead.

Have a good one!!!